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The legendary was born in 1948 in France, to become one of the famous story into the fishing activity. Mitchell 300: the first spinning reel ever.
Millions of fans all around the globe, millions of reels sold as well... many different well known reels appeared then to make of the Mitchell brand a leader into this category.
Mitchell is born in France, from a legend... and several decades later, the legend is back.
All details have been thought: a body shape reminding the egg shape of before, an open rotor which made the recognition of the brand, a front drag button based on the very first model, an handle shape closed to the premilary one... A lot of links to the past... but not only !
All the last evolution are also present into this reel. With a body shape made from extremely strong advanced polymeric material which is stronger than graphite and lighter than aluminum, a specific and innovative bail halo for superior strength and line management properties, a carbon hybrid drag system (on Pro versions), anglers experience outstanding performance from the legend in spinning reels.
3 sizes of reels are available (300 for size 4000, 308 for size 2000, 310 for size 500UL) on 2 price level. The all new 300 Pro is a proud evolution of the legendary and historic Mitchell 300 family.
A legend associated with the last improved technology. A new era is emerging.

  • 6 bearings with an instant anti-reverse for smooth operation
  • Innovative Bail Halo for superior strength
  • Extremely strong advanced polymeric body
  • Aluminum handle
  • Anodized aluminum spool and graphite spare spool
  • Multi-disk drag system for consistent drag pressure

SAP Commercial Name Nb of ball bearings + iar Line capacity (meter/mm) Drag type Spool material Spare spool(s) Spare spool line capacity (m/mm) Gear ratio Recovery Weight
1303312 MITCHELL 300 6 320 m / 0,25 mm Multi-Disk Anodized Alu Graphite 265 m / 0,25 mm 5.1:1 0,64 m 288 g